Slime “How to” Video

Advanced Prep

  • 4% PVA solution: add 4 g of PVA solid to every 100 mL of water. Add the solid PVA to warm water in a crock pot, put it on a high temperature setting, and allow the PVA solid to dissolve into the water for about 2 – 4 hours. You will need to stir the solution at least once over the 2 – 4 hour period. Do not reuse the crock pot for food!
  • 4% borax solution: add 4 g of borax solid for every 100 mL of water. Laundry borax can be used and sufficient borax can be added to a gallon of water until the borax no longer dissolves forming a saturated solution.


  1. Pour about 10 mL of PVA solution into a condiment cup (eyeball estimate).
  2. Add a few drops of coloring to the condiment cup.
  3. In a separate condiment cup, pour about 2.5 mL of borax solution (eyeball estimate).
  4. Pour the borax solution into the PVA containing cup and mix with a stir stick to form slime.
  5. The slime formed after the stirring may now be handles.
  6. Give the kid a plastic Ziploc bag for storage.

Reference Materials