(Note: Start 1 hour prior to experiment)

  1. Peel Labels off Club Soda
  2. Keep soda refrigerated or stored in ice for as long as possible before the start of the experiment
  3. Place ice into the ice chests
  4. Add sufficient rock salt into the chest with ice so that you have a 5:1 to 8:1 ratio of volume of ice to volume of salt. Mix ice and salt well.
  5. Submerge unopened club soda bottles into the salt/ice combo for least 45 minutes before start of the experiment. As ice melts, drain water from the ice chest and add more ice/ salt mix in the same ratio as above. Add only minimum additional salt to ensure that the ice chest temperature is approximately -10°C to -8°C.
  6. Cool the bottle to a temperature of -10°C to -8°C. DO NOT cool past -10°C or the soda will freeze
  7. Remove the bottle from the ice using the thick gloves (note: club soda should still be in liquid form)
  8. Wipe off condensation on outside of bottle
  9. Open the bottle or have the participant open the bottle.
  10. Carbon dioxide gas will rapidly escape the bottle. The soda should begin to freeze immediately and be completely frozen within 30 seconds