1. Combine 50 mL of water, 1 tiny scoop (from kit) of red cabbage powder. (The juice will be purple)
  2. Add 1 tiny scoop of citric acid. (The juice will turn red)
  3. Then add 1-2 tiny scoops of baking soda slowly. (The juice will turn purple then blue/green)
  4. Carefully add crushed dry ice to the cup. (The juice will turn red once again and be carbonated)
  5. Give to the kids when it is done bubbling. Make sure that any chip of dry ice or chunk of ice is removed from the container before being given to the children!  Dry ice can cause frostbite and it is important to remove it from the container before providing to the children.


***This is enough for one group of three students. For the Science Carnival, you will need enough for hundreds of groups.***