Demo Videos:



Advance Preparation:

Making sure the right amount of cornstarch is on hand for the proper oobleck that is needed to be done before the carnival starts.

For the proper making of Oobleck:

  • Mix 2 parts cornstarch with 1 part water in a large bowl   
  • Mix it with your hands for the right consistency (add water or cornstarch as needed to get the right consistency) 
  • Place the bowls out for people to see
  • Clean up the area and your hands with the provided cleaning supplies

Dancing Oobleck:

Wrap the speaker with saran wrap then place the oobleck over the speaker while playing a heavy metal song or a song with a strong base.

Walk Across Oobleck:

Have the lower frame be covered with large plastic and place oobleck in the trough, then have the participants walk across.