Instruction Video

  • Making the armature:
    • Wrap a strip of wire around a battery tens times, leaving two inches of wire on each end
    • Remove wire from battery and make the coil more loop-like by squishing it together like a spring
    • Wrap each end of the wire around the loop twice to hold the loop in place while still leaving the two ends extended out and on opposite ends from each other
    • Use sand paper on one of the ends to rub off the enamel insulation and then strip the other end, radially
      • Allows coil to turn on for part of rotation and off for the other
  • Using a toothpick, twist open two paper clips so that there is a small loop in the middle
  • Tape these paper clips to each end of the battery
  • Stick play dough to the table and put the battery in it to keep it upright (with the paper clips pointing up)
  • Insert the extended strands of the coil into each loop so that the whole thing runs the length of the battery
  • Place a small, disc magnet in the middle of the battery, under the wire
  • The wire should begin to spin, but if it doesn’t, tap on it until it begins.