• Pour rubbing alcohol or ethanol into a beaker
  • Pour vinegar into a beaker
  • Boil eggs and peel hardboiled eggs

How to get the egg into the bottle

  1. Place egg on the opening of the bottle
  2. Take a cotton ball and soak in alcohol or ethanol
  3. Light a match to light the cotton ball on fire
  4. Remove the egg from the bottle and drop the lit cotton ball into the bottle
  5. Quickly place the egg on top of the bottle
  6. Observe the egg being pulled inside the bottle

How to get the egg out of the bottle

  1. Tip the bottle with the egg in it so that the egg lays near the opening of the bottle (try to aim the egg pointing straight towards the opening of the bottle)
  2. Put baking soda all around the egg, especially on the sides
  3. Pour in vinegar and quickly flip the bottle upside down with the egg closing the opening above the pie plate

Alternative: Use a hair dryer to heat the bottle while holding the bottle upside down. This approach is preferred if you want to repeat the activity. Using the vinegar and baking soda will result in a wet inside of the bottle that could put out the flame on the cotton ball quickly.